A powder room paper change fit for everybody.

A powder room is important; used by men, women, boys and girls it requires a special kind of paper to appeal to such a varied audience. So when we came across Sisters of the Sun from Juju Papers we stopped looking. Modern, classic and fun, its all that and good for the earth too. Read their story at jujupapers.com

Three Easy Pieces

This family packs a punch and we wanted that message to come across the minute you enter their home. in one day we found a flag, a credenza and a little leather folding stool. After a fresh coat of Benjamin Moore Abalone paint we framed the flag, cleaned up the credenza and unfolded the stool. Like I said, punch.

The quick kitchen update

Three paint colors, two lights, new hardware and one very personal sign is all it took to freshen up this Leawood, Kansas kitchen.

Be My Guest

Designing a guest room can be tricky. Especially if it's also your office and leads to the garden where you go to zen out. It's your space most of the time and then (if you're lucky) it's your guests space the rest of the time. Sometimes it best just to wait until you find a vintage light box and go from there. So that's exactly what we did. Photo credit to Michael Forester.

Custom Graffiti Mural

Our family room has a vaulted ceiling that angles up on one side and makes the room feel expansive and light. it also gives us a wall 20 feet wide and 7 feet tall. in this room We do puzzles, read books, watch movies and play games, basically this is where the fun happens. I decided to gift my husband with a mural as a christmas present. I wanted to use graffiti as the medium and I wanted the mural to cover the entire wall, edge to edge, all 20 feet of it. I wanted a bright and energetic visual illustration of our life. Where we met (california), what we've done (lived in africa), our children's made up words, etc. Ultimately the canvas will be cut into thirds and divided between each of our homes. what I wanted, I discovered, was an heirloom.

man up

I love this "before". It is the best "before" there ever was and I want to hug the hardworking dentist that made it happen. instead i'll thank his wife who called me in to make it over as a surprise for his birthday. what a fun collaboration.

We had a month to gather the goods and pull it off. 

Here is our design board


WE CHANGED OUT THE FLUORESCENT BULBS (this made a huge difference there is a picture with both bulbs and we went with the one on the right), ADDED 3" TRIM AROUND THE CEILING AND PUT DOWN A RUG THAT THE CLIENT HAD.The paint is ben moore wrought Iron. THE GALLERY WALL IS THE CLIENTS OWN ART AND PHOTOS THAT WE MIXED WITH HIS DEGREES AND LICENSES. HIS WIFE HAD THE MARINE UNIFORM FRAMED AND A CUSTOM WHITEBOARD MADE. The client acquired the desk on his own not knowing what we were doing, we changed out the hardware to update it. the little bone table is WEst elm, the clock, chairs and lamp are all restoration hardware. the desk chair is custom.


A month ago photographer and new friend Michael Forester spent some time with me capturing beautifully the little things that make our house feel like a home. the still back drop to our busy lives. what we spot while dashing to get ready for school, ballet, soccer or a night out.

A shell collection from our time in the Bahamas, the brass elephant found at an antique store for $12. A gilt mirror handed down from beloved grandparents. We use the wooden spoons and tea kettle every day (can't you tell?!).Our workbench that serves as a catch all and provides our two dogs a nook for napping. The guitar my husband made for our son.

We are cautious about the things we bring in to our home. Careful that they have meaning, add interest or tell a story. And while there are plenty of places in our home that need something I have confidence that we'll get them when they get us. I've read that the most comfortable homes evolve over time and I agree. Having things is one thing, having things with meaning is a comfort all its own.


A few weeks ago my friend Kim told me about her favorite candle shop and since I don't have a favorite candle shop I leaned in to listen.  The shop is called 5B&Co.Candlemakers and has been locally owned and operated for 10 years. their candles are made of the finest wax available, blended with top quality oils, and poured around a cardboard cored wick. they offer a variety of scents from earl grey tea, lavender oatmeal and honeysuckle to more masculine scents like tobacco and woodland fern. Also, their candles burn clean, last between 15-18 hours and are poured by hand.

Here is the best part. For $2 an ounce they will fill any container you have.  I immediately started thinking of all the empty jam jars, vases and little bowls I have in my cupboard. A friend mentioned filling a tea cup and giving it as gift. Ultimately I chose to repurpose a salad bowl that we were given two years ago. though I love it's honey color and unfinished appearance it is simply too deep to use for salad. I decided to have it filled it with citronella and use it outdoors. 5B&Co.candlemakers did just that and we think their idea and our new bug repellant candle are both brilliant.

Their contact details can be found under local talent



Inspired by...

April 12th will mark a year of having this company and that impending date has made me reflective. It has gone by quickly though there were plenty of long and late nights. Moments when I was by myself, husband traveling. Working at the computer, compiling images and ideas for this website and creating rooms for clients. During the longest and latest nights there was one person that stood out as the voice of confidence and encouragement when I really needed it. 

I have known Sarah (Thurston) Weiland for thirteen years, basically since I began dating her brother (my husband since 2007). We have shared many adventures: african safari's, shark diving and motherhood, to name a few. She and her family came to Eleuthera twice in three years to share our quiet and simple life in the Bahamas. From the moment we met she has been generous with compliments and voiced her appreciation for the unusual or different ways I put rooms together. For someone who isn't related to you, doesn't live with you and generally doesn't have to say anything. She has ALWAYS  said "...you should DO this for a living...". 

She and I also share our fondness of interior design, for while she was encouraging me she was also building her business (http://tuskhomeanddesign.com). Returning to school after the birth of both of her children (no small feat), she studied hard pursuing her dream to become an ASID Certified Designer (her third degree). But she didn't wait until her schooling ended, she worked while she studied, creating beautiful rooms throughout Connecticut in between classes. Her ambition and focus is what I find inspiring. More than once I have thought of her drive when I lacked motivation. More than once during those late nights the voice that kept me going belonged to her.

Sarah and I/2005/post shark dive/South Africa

Vintage Flower Frog

A sure sign that spring is just around the corner is when tulips start popping up in grocery stores. Here is one of my favorite ways to display them, it's especially good for my California friends as it requires very little water. My sister taught me the penny trick and it really works to keep the stems upright. David Petty sells vintage flower frogs at his shop in the West Bottoms. You can find his contact information under Local Talent.