inspired by...

from time to time in this space I plan to highlight people in my life that have inspired me, for any number of reasons. upon deciding to do this, the first person that came to mind was my brother Chris. This is why.

growing up one of the youngest in a large family our home was busy, chaotic and maintaining order an ongoing challenge. at one point we lived on a property which in addition to the main house had a seperate cottage at the top of the driveway. there was a living room, bathroom and a loft for sleeping. It was a newer building, painted white throughout and had a few pieces of simple furniture. chris and mike, two of my high school aged brothers lived in it.

I loved spending time there and did so as often as I could. Chris was a collector of  things and in the center of a small table was where he would display them. leaving art books open to a page weighed down with a stone so as to enjoy the contents, the next day it would be opened to a different page.  he would place a vine on the table, to enjoy its gnarled elbows of wood. Sometimes it would be a fallen branch placed there to watch the leaves turn from green to rust to brown. on this table he gave unusual objects or pieces of nature a platform to be observed and enjoyed. 

I happened to be at the cottage once when he came home with a chipped marble bowl. He immediately cleaned it and filled it with water, then went outside and picked a couple of very white camellias with waxy green leaves and floated them in the water. He placed the bowl in the center of the table then went about the rest of his day. the moment was fleeting but watching him create this simple, beautiful vignette has never left my mind and the sense of calm it instilled in me is a feeling I never wanted to let go of. In the clatter and noise of my then young adult life, that little cottage full of Chris' vision was where I found peace.


chris and I/july 2013