Inspired by...

April 12th will mark a year of having this company and that impending date has made me reflective. It has gone by quickly though there were plenty of long and late nights. Moments when I was by myself, husband traveling. Working at the computer, compiling images and ideas for this website and creating rooms for clients. During the longest and latest nights there was one person that stood out as the voice of confidence and encouragement when I really needed it. 

I have known Sarah (Thurston) Weiland for thirteen years, basically since I began dating her brother (my husband since 2007). We have shared many adventures: african safari's, shark diving and motherhood, to name a few. She and her family came to Eleuthera twice in three years to share our quiet and simple life in the Bahamas. From the moment we met she has been generous with compliments and voiced her appreciation for the unusual or different ways I put rooms together. For someone who isn't related to you, doesn't live with you and generally doesn't have to say anything. She has ALWAYS  said " should DO this for a living...". 

She and I also share our fondness of interior design, for while she was encouraging me she was also building her business ( Returning to school after the birth of both of her children (no small feat), she studied hard pursuing her dream to become an ASID Certified Designer (her third degree). But she didn't wait until her schooling ended, she worked while she studied, creating beautiful rooms throughout Connecticut in between classes. Her ambition and focus is what I find inspiring. More than once I have thought of her drive when I lacked motivation. More than once during those late nights the voice that kept me going belonged to her.

Sarah and I/2005/post shark dive/South Africa