A few weeks ago my friend Kim told me about her favorite candle shop and since I don't have a favorite candle shop I leaned in to listen.  The shop is called 5B&Co.Candlemakers and has been locally owned and operated for 10 years. their candles are made of the finest wax available, blended with top quality oils, and poured around a cardboard cored wick. they offer a variety of scents from earl grey tea, lavender oatmeal and honeysuckle to more masculine scents like tobacco and woodland fern. Also, their candles burn clean, last between 15-18 hours and are poured by hand.

Here is the best part. For $2 an ounce they will fill any container you have.  I immediately started thinking of all the empty jam jars, vases and little bowls I have in my cupboard. A friend mentioned filling a tea cup and giving it as gift. Ultimately I chose to repurpose a salad bowl that we were given two years ago. though I love it's honey color and unfinished appearance it is simply too deep to use for salad. I decided to have it filled it with citronella and use it outdoors. 5B&Co.candlemakers did just that and we think their idea and our new bug repellant candle are both brilliant.

Their contact details can be found under local talent