A month ago photographer and new friend Michael Forester spent some time with me capturing beautifully the little things that make our house feel like a home. the still back drop to our busy lives. what we spot while dashing to get ready for school, ballet, soccer or a night out.

A shell collection from our time in the Bahamas, the brass elephant found at an antique store for $12. A gilt mirror handed down from beloved grandparents. We use the wooden spoons and tea kettle every day (can't you tell?!).Our workbench that serves as a catch all and provides our two dogs a nook for napping. The guitar my husband made for our son.

We are cautious about the things we bring in to our home. Careful that they have meaning, add interest or tell a story. And while there are plenty of places in our home that need something I have confidence that we'll get them when they get us. I've read that the most comfortable homes evolve over time and I agree. Having things is one thing, having things with meaning is a comfort all its own.